Miracle belief gives women back her sight.

Cwmbran, Wales, June
Blind Woman Sees

Mrs Edith Strike believe in miracles, and she should know. Because her blindness was almost instantly cured last October in a healing service at Hebron Church, Henllys Way, Cwmbran. Two years previously, an eye specialist told Mrs Strike that total loss of sight was inevitable. There was absolutely nothing medicine could or surgery could do to prevent it. Mrs Strike of Tynewydd Road, Pontnewydd, took the crushing blow calmly and braced herself for a life in a world of darkness. Before her husband Sidney, took her to a faith healing service. Mrs Strike could manage simple household chores but was not allowed to walk any distance outside the house without an escort.

A neighbour, Mrs Elsie Smith, who was constantly by her side during the crisis commented: "She hardly ever complained." It was while Mrs Strike was washing the dishes after lunch that she made up her mind to attend the first faith healing service. Her husband guided her to the front row, beside others who hoped to be healed.

Mr Melvin Banks, a former bricklayer, placed his hands over her eyes and prayed to God that her sight could be restored. "The experience was wonderful," Mrs Strike recalled. "Only I can tell what it was like, I wasn't aware of anyone else in the room except a presence." She was overjoyed when she found that she could see Mr Banks' finger in front of her face. Since the miraculous events her eyesight has gone from strength to strength.