Evangelist faces violence, opposition, criminal damage and attack. The hazards, dangers, persecutions, obstacles and open flagrant viciousness in our secular society are enourmous. No wonder there are no more or just a few New Testament Evangelists left in England today!

This is soul winning and itinerant Evangelism in modern Great Britain

Melvin's car back window all smashed in, someone kindly lent him a sunshade to fill it and cover it up for protection from thieves! Another week a tyre was punctured by a screw driver attack.

And now Lord, behold their threatening, and grant unto your servant ... boldness to go on speaking your Word.
Acts 4:29

He has had demonstrations outside his Revival meetings by Humanist groups, physical beatings, a knife attack. much abuse and threats. His posters torn down and tables overturned, but he sees his services crowded and overflowing with grateful sinners getting born again and healed!