A miracle has enabled a North Staffordshire pensioner to cast aside her walking sticks and collar after 12 years of crippling arthritis.

Staffordshire, October
Pensioner Casts Off Her Sticks

Georgina Madeley (77) is completely mobile again thanks to a faith healing session at Penkhull Christian Fellowship Church.

'I went in there limping on a stick and came out walking without it. I experienced something like an electric shock running right through my body from head to toe,' explained Georgina, from Algar Road, Spring fields.

'I even walked all the way home with my sticks over my handbag and my surgical collar in my hand,' said the delighted Penkhull pensioner.

Before the healing session, Georgina was hardly able to get about. She was confined to a downstairs room and even had to get a taxi to taker her round the corner to the hairdressers.

'I couldn't even lift my hands above my head. My son and his wife had to do everything for me.' she said.

And she admits she was very skeptical about the claims of evangelist faith healers prior to her visit to the Penkhull session.

'It was my son Alan who persuaded me to go. We had a leaflet through the door and I was in such a poor state I reckoned I had nothing to lose,' she confided.

Now her life is transformed. She goes shopping three times a week and enjoys gardening.