Melvin Banks to return to Wigan this April. Healings and revival took place at a previous visit from Melvin.

Wigan, February
Melvin Banks is coming back to Wigan

A previous visit from Melvin in 1970 saw healings take place and revival with over 2000 converted.

Here's a newspaper report from the time published in the Wigan Observer, August 1970:

Paralysed mum walks again

Sitting in her wheelchair, suffering from paralysis of the legs, heart trouble, asthma and epilepsy, a 29-year-old mother of two made arrangements to travel to Lourdes on Saturday next week, hoping and praying for a miracle.

But on Monday this week, she was told by Pastor Melvin Banks, conducting a Divine Healing Crusade at Ince, to get up and walk. She did just that - and then pushed her wheelchair all the way home. Now, Mrs Sheila Horrocks, of 53 Manley Street, Lower Ince, is still going to Lourdes - but only for a holiday.

Her troubles started when a bus on which she was the conductress was involved in an accident and overturned. She received multiple fractures, including six broken bones in her back.

She became asthmatic and started to have epileptic fits and has been in and out of hospital over the past seven and a half years. Earlier this year she had a heart attack.

"I have been on my feet for only one week this year" she said on Tuesday. "Four months ago I completely lost the use of my legs and one specialist told me I would never walk again. Another one said I would have periods of walking but at other times I would be in a wheelchair. But after I booked for Lourdes I heard about this Healing Crusade. I felt that through this man I could be healed and when I saw the story last week in the Wigan Observer about the lady with arthritis, it made me more convinced that I should go to see Him".

Mrs Horrocks was pushed to a marquee near the British Legion by her mother Mrs Ada Banks, of 239 Manchester Road, Higher Ince, where she has been staying since her legs became useless.


After the laying on of hands with prayer by Pastor Banks she walked a little with assistance and then on her own.

"Everybody was standing there, stunned by it all," said Mrs Horrocks. I then saw my husband Kenneth, my little boy Karl Raymond and my girl Sherie Rose. Everybody was encouraging me to walk and I kept going. They brought my wheelchair to me and I wheeled it home.

"My husband can hardly believe it, even now," she said.

Mrs Horroks showed me five containers of tablets which she had been taking for a long time. But as I really feel that I am healed of all my troubles, I have not felt the need to take the tablets since Monday.

She explained that she had been taking seven a day to assist her breathing, "But there's ....