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As a boy Melvin Banks fell in to a river and drowned. Fished out they found no heartbeat, no pulse. His mother held him in her arms, praying till life came back into his body. Brought up in Sunday school and church, he felt God close to him all his life. He never drank, smoked or ran after women. Just before his 17th Birthday something miraculous happened. While in a cinema he felt the urge to pray to God, in the seat before him he saw a vision of Jesus. He ran out and started preaching in the Wiltshire villages. Soon after, in the county of Lincolnshire, miracles started to happen. People became cured of sicknesses. Ever since then he has been holding an ever growing 'Miracle Healing Service' and has conducted them in over 50 countries around the world.

"Prayer power ends pain"
- Sunday News

"Preacher has that miraculous effect"
- Herald & Post

" 'Hands of God' - healer cures the sick"
- Aberdeen Evening Express

"Amazing cures by 'miracle healer' "
- Paisley Daily Express

"Hundreds flock for miracle cure"
- Kentish Express

"I haven't been able to walk - I can now.. healing


draws crowds"
- Coventry Evening Telegraph

"He is Britains' busiest and fruitful evangelist"
- Clive Calver (former Evangelical Alliance)

"Outstanding ministry... Gods chosen vessel for the UK today"
- Dr David Yongi Cho, Seoul, Korea

"When Melvin came to Wigan over 3,000 unsaved, local non-churchgoers flocked in... 2,200 came to christ, our church expolded and has never looked back... he is the UK's most effective evangelist"
- Rev Ray Belfield (Assembly of God, Wigan, Lancs)

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