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Looking for peace and contentment?

Suffering from depression or despair?

Feeling sometimes anxious, frustrated, worried or harassed?

Thousands have found that faith in Christ is the
answer... through these crusades you could too.
...is an international evangelist with a ministry of healing and the author of books such as Wind of Fire, With God All Things Are Possible, God in Action and many other titles. He is an Assemblies of God Minister based in Chippenham, Wiltshire.


In Grimsby - Lincolns. A new church started, 100 new people came for prayer healing and salvation during Rev Banks weekend visit. The greatest response seen in the town for decades. A newspaper did a half page feature with the headline "Evangelist Burns Witchcraft Books". People left behind wheelchairs and crutches as score where healed.

Get your church to book a visit from Gods most anointed British Evangelist in the UK today..

Coming Soon...

Blind man healed in Ashford, Kent Crusade. Now drives a car!

For more information on dates and venues check out the events section...

Rev. Melvin Banks, Crusade Office, 44 Monks Way,
Chippenham, Wiltshire SN15 3TT
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